Shake Your Hips to the Bladderpool Beat!

Millions of young people know you have to be "mod" to "make the scene" these days. While some people are more mod than others, everyone agrees that the distinction of being the most mod of all belongs to four swinging blokes from Bladderpool, England. Their names are Simon, Peter, Reggie, and Stu, but to their fellow Bladderpudlians, they're known collectively, and quite rightly, as "The Mod-est Lads."

And when you hear their wild, hip-shakin' sounds, you're sure to agree! If you're the least bit mod at all, you'll find it's impossible to keep from dancing once they start to play! They're fun-loving and cheeky! They're irresistably adorable! They're the hottest rock and roll sensations to ride the English Incursion tidal wave!

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